Emergency Dentist

Emergency dental services in Runcorn, Sanctuary Cove, Redcliffe and Southport. At Enhanced Dental Studios, our experienced dentists can take care of different dental emergencies to free you from pain and reverse or minimise tooth damage.

Dental Emergencies

Emergency dental services are among the most popular dental solutions available at Enhanced Dental Studios. Whether you’re dealing with an infection or fractured teeth, we can help prevent permanent damage or expensive/complicated procedures in the future.


Dental Emergencies in Runcorn

Dental emergencies are conditions that require immediate medical attention, especially after mouth injuries or accidents. Common symptoms include bleeding, excruciating pain, swelling, broken jaw, and more.

These conditions need to be attended to without delays to alleviate the pain and contain the teeth damage. For example, if you suffer a tooth fracture after a slip and fall, you need to see an emergency dentist on the same day. However, a dull toothache or lost crown may not require the same level of urgency.

If you’re in severe dental pain or have damaged your teeth, gums, or jaw, consult our professional dental experts today by calling 1800 833 844. Our dental clinics will ensure you receive treatment as soon as possible.

Types of Dental Emergencies

We deal with a vast range of dental emergencies, including:

Throbbing Tooth Pain

A dull toothache escalates into throbbing tooth pain and becomes unbearable in many cases. Most people think the pain will go away after taking a few OTC meds. However, it's best to consult with an emergency dentist right away to identify the cause. It could be minor tooth decay, a chipped tooth, or serious gum disease.

Fractured Teeth

Did you have a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, a bar fight, or any hard-impact incident that caused your teeth to fracture? You might think that's that. However, if you visit a dentist immediately following the incident, they can offer a solution to keep your natural teeth intact. More importantly, they can prevent you from damage that requires getting a crown or bridge procedure.


Bleeding is another typical dental emergency typically caused by trauma in the lips, tongue, and gums. Most people usually stop the bleeding by putting on a cold compress. However, this doesn't work in many cases, and you may need to see a dentist right away for stitches or tissue cauterisation.

Foreign Objects Lodged In Between Teeth

Instead of using proper cutting tools, many people use their teeth to bite on different materials, including their nails, wires, and packaging. Consequently, they get some of the foreign material stuck between their teeth. In many cases, using dental floss might not work, so you'll need to head to a dentist's office. They will use special instruments to inspect the area, remove the debris, and control the pain and bleeding.

Lost Filling or Crown

Although losing a crown or filling doesn’t always cause pain, it still counts as an emergency for most people. The last thing anyone wants is to face people with a gap in their teeth and head straight to the dentist's office for repair or replacement.


Mouth infections are quite common, especially near the root of molar teeth, which break down food particles. If left untreated, the infection can easily spread to different parts of the mouth and even the rest of the body.

How We Deal With Dental Emergencies

At Enhanced Dental Studios, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best dental emergency services in Runcorn, Southport, Sanctuary Cove, Redcliffe and surrounds.

Before treatment, our experienced emergency dentists thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth for damage to determine the proper course of action. If your mouth is swollen, we rinse it with warm water and apply a cold compress on the outside.

To stop bleeding, we apply a piece of gauze for a few minutes and apply a cold compress again to relieve the pain. We use dental floss to remove objects caught between teeth carefully. We use digital X-rays to diagnose the area for fractures or jaw issues before deciding on a treatment.

Don’t delay treatment any longer. Call 1800 833 844 to schedule an emergency appointment right away!

Why Choose Enhanced Dental Studios for Emergency?

As you can see, Enhanced Dental Studio offers an extensive range of emergency dental services in Runcorn, Redcliffe, Southport, and Sanctuary Cove. So wherever you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can visit the closest office in your vicinity.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced emergency dentists uses minimally invasive techniques and the latest dental equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s what you’ll get by opting for our dental solutions:

  • FREE consultation and assessment
  • Certified dental care providers
  • Industry-grade dental equipment, tools, and solutions
  • Safe, professional, and friendly environment
  • Personalised dental care service
  • Follow-up care

Your pain alleviation and smile return is just a phone call away.