Teeth Grinding Splints

At Enhanced Dental Studios, our experienced dentists can help protect your teeth, crowns, and implants from cracks and chips due to clenching and teeth grinding habits.

Teeth grinding splints are among the most popular dental solutions available at Enhanced Dental Studios. We strive to help our clients fight stains and discolouration and give them their desired pearly whites.

Bruxism and Its Causes

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a relatively common dental condition that makes people unconsciously grind, gnash, or clench their teeth. It can happen when you’re awake (awake bruxism) or during sleep (sleep bruxism). Teeth grinding can be triggered by several causes, such as stress, anger, anxiety, or frustration. However, it is simply a bad habit or coping strategy during deep concentration for many people. Sleep bruxism, in contrast, is considered a sleeping disorder caused by irregular sleep patterns or subconscious arousals.

Mild bruxism is often harmless and may not require treatment. However, an extreme case can lead to headaches, cracked or chipped teeth, jaw disorders, or damaged biting surfaces, among other oral complications. While there’s no cure to stop bruxism, there are treatments and solutions designed to minimize the impact or relieve its symptoms, including teeth grinding splints.

Teeth Grinding Splints

A teeth grinding splint (also called an Occlusal or dental splint) is essentially a custom-moulded nightguard made from hard plastic that not only protects your teeth from grinding but also holds them together to prevent movement. This appliance fits over the upper teeth and is designed to prevent wear and cracking from grinding and clenching habits, thus, allowing users to relieve unnecessary muscle tension and avoid painful oral symptoms. Teeth grinding splints are removable and designed to be a perfect, comfortable fit so they can fully absorb the pressure created by bruxism.

How We Fabricate Your Teeth Grinding Splints

At Enhanced Dental Studios, we pride ourselves on offering the best teeth grinding splints in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and other vicinities in Queensland.

A tooth grinding splint developing process is relatively straightforward and generally takes two visits. Our expert dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth during the first visit before using a special hard-plastic paste to create a mould for your teeth. Using a chewing simulator, the dentist will establish an even bite to prevent any jaw damage from the appliance. This mould will then be used to fabricate a custom-fit dental splint which you can wear while awake or asleep, depending on your bruxism type and severity.

During the second visit, the dentist will fit the mould in your to check whether or not it's a good fit. If it is, they will explain how and when to wear it. Initially, you may notice that the splint is tight; this tightness is expected since it takes some time for the splint to adjust. You may also salivate more and feel that your teeth don't fit together as they did before, which is normal.

However, if you're getting a tooth grinding splint for the first time, you'll need to undergo necessary adjustments depending on the severity of your habits and oral health complications. Thus, treating this problem can require multiple visits to resolve these issues further. In extremely severe cases, we recommend a neuromuscular surgeon to help with jaw problems, such as tenderness, muscle tightness, and TMD. This way, you can get the best out of your splint and prevent further teeth damage.

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Why Choose Enhanced Dental Studios for Teeth Grinding Splints?

Enhanced Dental Studio offers an extensive range of dental services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and several other locations in Queensland. Our custom-fit teeth grinding splints are some of the best dental products on the market. They are designed to prevent unnecessary oral damage due to involuntary grinding and clenching habits.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced dental care providers can design a durable dental splint to safeguard your teeth from grinding. Here’s what you’ll get by opting for our dental solutions:

  • Certified dental care providers
  • Industry-grade dental equipment, tools, and solutions
  • Safe, professional, and friendly environment
  • Personalized dental care service

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