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Look Your Best, Feel Your Best With Our Gold Coast Dental Implants

Smiling is a superpower, which lifts your mood, boosts your health and improves your sense of well-being. At Enhanced Dental Studios, we can restore your confidence in your smile with experienced dental implant treatment for your missing teeth replacement needs. Book a FREE implant consultation and assessment at our Gold Coast, Brisbane and Southport dental clinics.

Having placed thousands of implants for local patients, Dr David and the caring team at Enhanced Dental Studios are here to work with you to achieve the desired and tailored results you’re looking for, without judgement.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root often made of titanium. It is surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw, without requiring work on your neighbouring teeth. Once that heals, a replacement tooth is added to the root (also known as a crown), making it look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Unlike other dental solutions, implants are permanent and long-lasting. They won’t slip out of your mouth or make clicking noises every time you talk, eat or laugh.

At Enhanced Dental Studios, we can save your smile with experienced dental implant treatment. As implants come in all shapes, sizes, and types, we can come up with a unique treatment plan to suit your missing teeth replacement needs.


Why Choose Enhanced Dental Studios?

We offer a wide range of dental services to neighbourhoods in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. At Enhanced Dental Studios, your safety and comfort are our main priority. Our team of highly qualified dental care providers can perform implant procedures with little or no discomfort on your part.

Here are some of the advantages of getting dental implants at our clinics:

  • Highly experienced, certified dental care providers
  • State-of-the-art dental technologies
  • Safe, professional, and friendly environment
  • Personalised dental care service
  • Follow-up care
  • FREE implant consultation and assessment

There are a few options available both fixed and non-fixed to replace missing teeth - feel free to organise a free implant consultation to discuss your most suitable options with one of our experienced and caring implant dentists, without judgement.

We’re here to work closely and attentively with you to achieve what you’re looking for.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Missing Teeth or Tooth?

Replacing a lost tooth is imperative to maintaining good oral health. Within the first 6 months of leaving a missing tooth gap unattended can attribute to up to 50% bone loss in that area. That gap from a missing tooth can lead to long-term serious complications, including facial collapse and bite issues.

Getting implants is the only tooth replacement solution that protects and supports strong jaw health.

Dental implants can also restore your confidence. They can improve your smile, speech, and chewing abilities. Unlike dentures, implants can last a long time, especially with proper oral hygiene habits. Best of all, you won’t have to remove them every time you brush your teeth or floss.

Find Out if You’re an Ideal Candidate

Dental implants aren’t for everyone. For instance, patients with chronic conditions such as hemophilia or diabetes have a higher risk of infection and implant failure. Thus, they aren’t ideal candidates for the restorative procedure.

Whether you want to find out if you’re eligible for dental implants or you want alternative solutions, we are with you all the way. Here at Enhanced Dental Studios, we can perform extensive consultations and assessments to determine the most ideal solutions for your dental needs.

Have More Questions?

If you're looking for dental implants in the Gold Coast or Brisbane get in touch with us so we can answer all your queries on (07) 5531 6599.

Free Implant Consultation T&C's

What's included:
  • Dr David will have a look with a mirror and walk you through your missing teeth replacement options (including implants) to restore your smile taking into account your full facial structure.
  • After meeting with you, he will create a detailed treatment plan including an accurate quote based on the treatment and desired outcomes you're looking for.
  • ​If you have private health insurance, there may be rebates you could receive towards your implant treatment.
What's NOT included:
  • No dental treatment is conducted during an implant consultation.
  • 3D X-rays are not included in the free consultation.
  • ​If X-rays are required, costs will be communicated during your appointment.