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At Enhanced Dental Studios, we are proud to offer top-notch orthodontic treatment that will transform your smile and improve your overall oral health. Our team of experienced orthodontists utilises the latest advancements in technology and techniques to provide you with the most effective and comfortable treatment options available.

Whether you are dealing with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, an overbite, underbite, or any other orthodontic issue, we have a solution for you. From traditional metal braces to discreet options like clear aligners, we will customise a treatment plan that suits your unique needs and desired outcomes. Our goal is to give you a beautiful, straight smile that will boost your confidence and enhance your quality of life.

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What are the different treatment options for Orthodontics?

  • Traditional Braces: Traditional braces are a fixed orthodontic treatment that uses metal or ceramic brackets and wires to gradually align teeth; they are highly effective in correcting complex dental issues and provide precise control over tooth movement, resulting in improved oral health and a straighter smile.
  • Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are a removable orthodontic option that uses a series of custom-made, transparent trays to straighten teeth discreetly; they offer the benefit of being virtually invisible, allowing for improved aesthetics during treatment, and they can be easily removed for eating and oral hygiene maintenance.
EDS Orthodontic treatment - traditional braces


  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces but are placed on the backside of the teeth, making them nearly invisible from the front; they provide effective treatment while being less noticeable, making them a popular choice for individuals concerned about the appearance of braces.
  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces but use tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend with the natural color of teeth, making them less noticeable; they offer the benefits of traditional braces with an enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Self-Ligating Braces: Self-ligating braces use brackets with built-in clips or doors to hold the archwire in place, eliminating the need for traditional elastic bands; they offer faster treatment times, reduced discomfort, and easier maintenance, as well as require fewer adjustment appointments compared to traditional braces.
EDS Orthodontoc treatment - Clear Aligners

Why Choose Enhanced Dental Studios?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, choosing the right dental clinic is essential. Here's why we are the perfect choice for you:

  • Expert Team: Our orthodontic team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthodontic techniques. You can trust that you're in capable hands throughout your treatment journey.
  • Personalised Care: We understand that each patient is unique, and we take the time to listen to your concerns and goals. Our experienced orthodontists will create a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the best possible results.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We believe in using the most advanced technology to provide our patients with superior orthodontic care. From digital imaging to 3D treatment planning, our cutting-edge tools enhance accuracy, efficiency, and overall patient experience.
  • Comfortable Environment: At Enhanced Dental Studios, we prioritise your comfort and strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our friendly staff will make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your visits.

Ready to transform your smile and achieve the straight teeth you've always dreamed of? Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Our orthodontic experts will evaluate your dental needs, explain the treatment options available, and guide you towards making an informed decision.