Tooth Fillings

At Enhanced Dental Studios, our experienced dentists can quickly diagnose and treat any concerns or discomfort you are experiencing to help you enjoy a beautiful smile. Tooth fillings are among our wide range of dental solutions.

Tooth Fillings

To treat cavities, our dentists remove the dark, decayed part of your tooth, which leaves your tooth missing a chunk of its natural structure to function properly. This is where tooth fillings are most useful.

After cavity removal, our experienced dentists "fill" the cavity to ensure the proper form and function of your tooth. Other tooth filling use cases include broken or cracked teeth, where they perform the same "filling" function as with a cavity.

At Enhanced Dental Studio, we tailor every treatment plan, including tooth fillings, to your specific needs as no two patients are the same.

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Tooth Filling Materials

These days, there are many materials available for tooth filling. The location of your filling and the expert recommendation of our dentists will help you decide which material suits you best.

Tooth filling materials range from gold and silver to ceramic and glass ionomer.

Gold Fillings
Gold is among the strongest filling materials and can easily last you over 15 years. Since gold is a non-corrosive metal, it is an ideal material for tooth fillings. It can withstand any chewing forces you put it through and remains unaffected by even the harshest liquids like soda or alcohol.

Many people find gold to be an attractive tooth filling option, compared to others like silver or white amalgam fillings. Looks are subjective, and at Enhanced Dental Studio, we make sure your smile is healthy and looks how you want it to.

Silver Fillings (Amalgam)

Another strong, durable option for tooth filling materials is silver, which can also last you over 15 years and typically lasts longer than its composite counterparts. Once again, the look of silver is subjective. However, they may prove less expensive than composite fillings.

Composite Fillings (White)

Composite fillings are tooth coloured fillings, and they can be closely matched to your existing teeth colour, which makes them a popular and attractive option. They are particularly great for use in visible, front teeth.

What's interesting is that, unlike gold or silver, composite fillings bond to your tooth structure in a different way, which helps improve the support of your filling. Composite fillings are great for cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, which makes them incredibly versatile.

Compared to the age-old amalgam fillings, this filling material has seen many improvements in dental technology, allowing the new generation of composite filling materials to not only look good but last longer.

Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic fillings typically use porcelain as the main material, and these are a lot more stain-resistant than composite resin filling materials. They are also long-lasting and can prove beneficial for over 15 years. Still, they are expensive, often as much as gold fillings.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

This tooth filling material is made of acrylic and a certain type of glass. It is a great option for tooth filling for young kids and for fillings that require going below the gum line. What's interesting is that this type of tooth filling material has the capability to release fluoride, which we all know is beneficial for teeth.

Once again, advancements in dental technologies have allowed glass ionomer filling materials to have a longer lifespan. However, this porcelain option is still less durable and more fracture prone than composite fillings.

If you are unsure regarding which tooth filling material is best for you, consult our dental experts at Enhanced Dental Studio today!

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