Does going to the dentist cause you anxiety? Are you nervous about drills and needles at your dental appointments? Have you put off a dental checkup because you’re afraid of dental procedures? If so, you will love our latest technology. Our brand new drill-free dentistry tool is here and waiting for you!

What is drill-free dentistry?

At JC Dental, we can perform many of our procedures now without the need of a drill. Instead, we use the air abrasion technology of our new AquaCare Twin system. Air abrasion technology works like a mini-sandblaster to remove decay and stains and can be used to prepare teeth for bonding, remove old fillings, and to clean teeth.

With our new AquaCare Twin technology, JC Dental can now provide a drill-free experience for many of our patients, which is great news for young children and those with anxiety about visiting the dentist.

The AquaCare Twin system uses high-pressure air instead of a drill or polishing tool and is designed to spray a fine stream of particles at your tooth. As these particles come into contact with your tooth’s surface, they gently remove the small particles of decay. Once all these particles are suctioned away, you are left with healthy dental material and no pain.

What are the advantages of air abrasion dentistry?

The AquaCare Twin’s drill-free technology has so many advantages, and we are very excited to offer this option to our patients. Air abrasion preserves more of the healthy tooth structure than traditional drilling, consequently allowing our dentists to have very precise control; reducing the need to remove more of your tooth during the procedure.

Because it generates no heat, sound, vibration, or pressure, drill-free technology also reduces the risk of chipping or fracturing your tooth.

With the AquaCare Twin system, we can reduce the need for anaesthesia in many of our patients. If we are using the AquaCare Twin to treat a shallow cavity, there may be no need for anaesthesia at all, meaning no needles for you!

Without the sound and vibration of the drill, the AquaCare Twin system creates a relaxing dental experience that can alleviate anxiety associated with going to the dentist. Without the loud squeal of a drill, young children can feel less stressed when having a procedure.

Come discover what drill-free, pain-free dentistry is all about at your next appointment with JC Dental.

What dental procedures can use air abrasion?

The professionals at JC Dental can use our AquaCare Twin system for a variety of services. The most common uses are for easy stain removal and drill-free fillings, but the sandblasting action of the AquaCare Twin makes it ideal for cavity preparation and ensuring optimal bond strength for veneers, crowns, and bridges.

Contact us today to learn more about our drill-free dental procedures.

Whether you are looking for a brighter smile or need help fixing a cavity, broken tooth, or other problem, we have the right solution for you. If you’d like to see the AquaCare Twin in action, check out this video of its use for air polishing and stain removal.

Contact JC Dental at our convenient Southport location to see if air abrasion dentistry is right for you. Let us book your next drill-free, pain-free dentist appointment today.

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