Dr. Tia Zhang

BDSc, BMSc (Hons)
Tia Zhang 20231

Dr. Tianyi(Tia) Zhang was originally from China and came to Australia for the beaches, lovely people, and weather, and, of course, dentistry. She graduated from the University of Adelaide and moved to Queensland for the tropical weather, friendly people and relaxed vibes.

Coming from a dental family background, Dr Tia Zhang developed an interest in dentistry at a very young age. Her interests are in educating and helping patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health and to make positive changes for themselves with gentle professional guidance. She enjoys practicing all aspects of dentistry, and she is passionate about providing top-quality dental care to my patients. She does believe “prevention is better than curing” and she aspires to be as minimally invasive as possible.

Outside of dentistry, she is an enthusiast of nature. She is not a fan of adrenaline-driven activities like skydiving or roller coasters, but does enjoy diving, surfing, traveling, and exploring nature. She dreams that one day she can bring her dental skills to an area of the world that is of great need.